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My Journey

I am an advanced Myofascial Release [MFR] therapist who has completed extensive training in both the USA and the UK. Through this continued education and application of MFR I have realised the potential benefits of this unique, whole-body therapy on a personal level.

I have a keen interest in soft tissue dysfunction and began practicing alternative therapies in 1998 starting with Reiki and Swedish Massage. Since then I have developed an understanding and practical abilities by becoming an Advanced Sports and Remedial massage therapist, studying with the Scottish Massage Therapy Organisation. My MFR journey commenced by completing Ruth Duncan's training in Integrated Myofascial Therapy with MFRUK. I have also completed USA MFR seminars with John F. Barnes and has concluded John's internship in his Arizona treatment centre.

Focussing on the connection between mind and body; emotional and physical pain or tension; I advocate the use of Myofascial Release treatment after experiencing first hand how effective it can be.

”I understand how people feel having been in a lot of pain myself and looking for a long time for an answer, I have been able to release my own pain using MFR, and I feel that I can use my knowledge and skills to help others release their own straightjacket of pain.”


Karen Baker




Gentle, Effective, Live changing.

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