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Happy Clients

”Karen, I feel blessed to have found you. First, when grief seemed to be too much to bear, and doing body work with you turned out to be the gateway to deep release. And then when I thought I'd be stuck with a very sore hip forever, and you proved me wrong. The myofascial work you do is amazing and reaches places other types of massage don't reach – in body, mind and soul. Thank you.”


Mimo Caenepeel‎


”The Sacred Womb Massage experience was highly up lifting for me. It was such an honour to receive such a loving touch in this intimate area - so often over looked, hidden as it is beneath my podgy belly that bears the scars of pregnancy.

Through out , I felt safe and secure in Karen's hands and was able to relax fully into the here and now. It was a real gift to receive in celebration of all my body has endured over the years - and a reminder to extend the same reverence to her in the future.

It's such a pleasure to receive body work from someone who knows what they're doing and the positive, uplifted feeling stayed with me for days afterwards.”


Julie, Edinburgh


”Very professional yet person centred treatments. highly recommend. I used to be quite sceptical but am a regular now !!”


Wez Steele


”I travelled from Southern England to Edinburgh to work with this wonderful therapist. Myofascial Release is the best body work ever and I am so grateful for such a wonderful treatment, shifting all manner of stuff, releasing mind, body, energy and re-empowering all in one! I am so glad to have received this as I have given it to so many of my own clients with fantastic results. Great to be on the receiving end of such a great Therapist. Thank you Karen Baker, I will be back for more for sure! x”

Helen Nayler




Gentle, Effective, Live changing.

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