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What is MFR?

The type of Myofascial Release that I practice was pioneered in the USA by PT therapist John F Barnes. It is a whole body hands on approach.

Myofascial (pronounced myo-faschal) is derived from the Latin words myo (muscle) and fascia (band).

The fascial system is a three dimensional spider’s web, that connects and surrounds every system and cell in the body covering you from head to toe. Through trauma and repetitive motion or positioning (either lifting or sitting all day) restrictions can form in the fascial system. None of these restrictions can be seen by any X-ray or imaging machines that are currently being used in the medical profession.

Modern medicines tend to looks at muscles, bones and organs in isolation, generally ignoring the importance of the global system that connects it all together. This can therefore leave patients suffering in unresolved physical pain. These restrictions can become tighter over time, literally making you feel like you are wearing a strait jacket. Releasing these tight bands throughout the body will decrease pain. Increase blood flow and nutrition to the body, which will improve overall health down to the cellular level.

MFR therapy is different from other therapies in that we do not use oils, lotions or follow a routine. The body is allowed to release these restrictions in a natural way.

A treatment consists of engaging the barrier of restrictions or (taking the slack out of the system). After 90 – 120 seconds the fascia will begin to release, but studies have now shown if this is held for 5 minutes or more a greater response can be felt. A release may feel like butter melting, you may feel a burning sensation, pulsing, tingling or a release of heat. This is your body talking to you.



Gentle, Effective, Live changing.

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