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Womb Massage
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Gentle, Effective, Live changing.

I'm qualified in Womb Massage (or Fertility Massage). It is so much more than a Fertility treatment. For me it has been a transformational course on many levels. It is a wonderful way for women to connect back with body and self.


As females we are often closed down in this area either through physical or emotional pain or trauma. For ourselves to be as one again we have to reconnect, nurture and love ourselves. 

Through my Myofascial Release training I am also qualified in women's health, which includes internal work and breast health. My training can also compliment Womb Massage treatments.

The 1st bleed for a young girl can be an uncomfortable place, if the right guidance is not there. As with going through the menopause and beyond. I see this massage as a support in these times, my aim with the womb massage is to bring harmony and balance to our pelvic area.


What is Womb Massage?

Womb massage therapy is a deeply relaxing massage that focuses on improving circulation to the abdominal area. It can involve abdominal massage, pulsing, Reiki, and the Rebozo technique.


How it works

The way I work is totally unique. I combine many techniques from my many years as a body worker.



Here are just a few:

•  Hormonal Balance

•  Scar Tissue

•  Oxygenated Blood

•  Removes Stagnation

•  Reduces Pain

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